Monday, May 19, 2014

Getting started!

Welcome to Team Wanderlust! Our group members include myself, Shelby Duren, along with Abby Graves, Christina Smith, and Mackenzi Mink. In mid-June, we will be traveling abroad visitng Prague, Vienna, and Budapest. It is an exciting adventure and we all cannot wait! As part of some of our pre-departure studies, we did some research on the Czech Republic and the city of Prague. Here is some of what we found!

Prague is the capital of the Czech Republic, and also the country's largest city. Wiki Travel says Prague is a, "Magical city of bridges, cathedrals, gold tipped towers and church domes, that has been mirrored in the surface of the swan-filled Vltava River for more than ten centuries." Prague is a very modern city, with a passion for music and arts. It is the largest in the Czech Republic and is also divided into ten districts. The districts have many different neighbourhoods and can be easily transported by a tram network. The population is quite large, with over one million residents. Prague castle is one of the most famous landmarks, and is also a place I am really interested in visiting. Another area I would like to visit is Old Town. It is also known as "Stare Mesto". It stood untouched through both World Wars and is a very popular spot in Prague that is almost always busy. Another noteworthy place is Charles Bridge. Construction of the bridge began in 1357 under King Charles IV. Construction was finished in the 15th century. It is about 1,700 feet long, with 16 arches, and 30 baroque statues along the bridge. Google maps gave the bridge 4.7/5 stars!

As far as food goes, if you like meat, you are in the right place. It is hard to find vegetarian meals at restaurants. The tap water is fine to drink, but most restaurants won't serve it because they want you to buy bottled water. Dobra Cajovna is ranked #6 of restaurants in Prague and is respectively priced. The Tavern is ranked #8 and they have burgers and also respectively priced. In Prague, lunch is the main meal. A typical lunch dish would be either chicken/pork with a starchy side, such as bread. Beef isn't too popular. Violent crimes are not common, but pickpocketers are in crowded areas. So beware! Also beware of beggars!

The language spoken is Czech, which is a slavic language. But, mostly anyone that works in a hotel or restaurant will be able to speak at least some English. Outside of the capital, English speaking residents are rare. In case of emergency, the "911" number is "112" from any phone. Prague looks like an exciting place and I am so excited to explore!
Czech Republic is known for growing wheat, potatoes, sugar, beets, hops and fruit and raise pigs and poultry. The size of this country is similar to that of Maine and it's landlocked between Austria, Germany, Poland, and Slovakia. The time zone there is 7 hours ahead of what the time is in Maryville. In the Czech Republic, limited liability company's and joint stock companies are the most common. They have a growing urban economy and it is based of the service sector. Prague is the center of financial and economic success and also the capital of this country. Tourism, automobile, pharmaceutical and electrical engineering are important in Prague. There are many ancient castle-like buildings that would be cool to see when we visit this city. Some monuments even light up every three minutes at night in order of the century they were built in and are shut off in the same order. I would like to visit some small shops like Klara Nademlynska, who is a top a designer and has worked in Paris for many years. Kempa Park is a restaurant I found that is supposed to have a really cool view and has some options that we aren't used to and would allow us to see what their food is really like.

We hope you learned something you didn't know and there will be more to come!!

Team Wanderlust

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