Sunday, June 8, 2014


This week our group spent our time studying and learning about the infrastructure, demographics, and major attractions in Prague, so that we will better understand its populations and the differences that separate us culturally from the Czech people. We found out there are also many similarities. For example: both the people of Prague and the Czech republic have the same literary rate as the United States. Many of them speak our language, but only about 1 out of 4. The male to female ratio is about the same as the US, and the highest earning jobs are about the same as far as position goes, but it pays considerably less than it does here. However, there are many more differences. There is the obvious language barrier for the majority of the population. Their population is also much smaller, but like us, they have plenty of airports and modern transportation. They also use the internet pretty similarly to us.

Lastly, there are many cultural monuments and attractions that the people of Prague are very proud of. One of the major parts of Prague is called 'Old Town'. This famous part of Prague dates back to the 12th century, and has many architectural and historically significant buildings and churches. Another famous landmark in Prague is the Prague Castle, which was built around 880 A.D. and has been continuously renovated, rebuilt, and added on to ever since. Prague also has a famous college, theatre, and of course is home to many large businesses like T-Mobile and Avast. Overall Prague is a very culturally sophisticated and interesting country, and it will be amazing to get to visit such a historic city.

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