Monday, June 16, 2014

Day One!

Szia from Budapest!

Shelby here for our first blog! We made it to Budapest!!! Finally. We began our journey at the Kansas City Airport. From there we went to Minneapolis, then an eight hour flight Amsterdam, and finally to Budapest. It was a long day of travel, but with a big group we really didn't experience any problems. Except that Abby's luggage did not make it to Budapest, but to Amsterdam. Also, Grant had some issues fitting on one of our planes! But, the important thing is that we all made it in one piece and we were all safe. After a quick bus trip to Budapest we were all ready to explore!

One of the highlights of our day was our welcome dinner to Budapest. It was held at Karpatia and was a very beautiful place. It was a three-course meal that consisted of a goulash soup as an appetizer. Next we had the main course which was grilled chicken with vegetables. For dessert, we had a cherry pastry that was delicious! Budapest is known for their tasty pastries. All during our meal, we also had traditional Hungarian musicians playing beautiful music for us all night. It was a wonderful first meal in Budapest! Posted below is a picture of our cherry dessert.

After dinner, we got the chance to look around the city a little bit! We headed down to the Danube River and the bridge we were standing on had a fantastic view. The city is beautiful during the day, but seeing all the ornate architectural buildings light up at night was majestic. The lights twinkled all night and you could not beat the view! Here is a picture of one of the ornate buildings!

We also learned some phrases that we were in need of! "Bo chi" means "I'm sorry" and "cussey" means "thank you". These proved very useful during the evening!

Overall, day one was a complete success! We are so excited to keep exploring this beautiful city. It has already been a beautiful sight and I am sure there is so much more to see!

Team Wanderlust

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