Thursday, June 19, 2014

Day 4

Today we went to SAP labs and learned about the software they offer. They do business with American Fortune 500 companies and companies all around the world. Markus, the speaker, said if SAP shut down, then the world would come to a halt. The company prides itself on entrepreneurship and innovation to improve efficiency  in business. We were in an industrial park type place and saw many similar businesses including Microsoft and Cannon.

We had free time so we went to H&M and figured out the style in Budapest is basically the same in America and H&M is even a little more pricey. Budapest is a slightly easier city to figure out. Our hotel is in the center of most things and we can easily find a tram or bus back to our hotel. Everything is along the main boulevard so that makes it easier. However, I noticed Hungarians are very inverted and the customer service in the food industry is definitely not the same as America. Sit-in restaurants take a lot of time and the waiters often do not care what happens to you.

After lunch, we went to cathedral type thing. It overlooked the entire city and had an amazing view. After viewing the city, we toured the castle museum  It was interesting to see old statues that were once considered worthless and were thrown out, and now are highly valued. After all the touring Szilvia graciously gave us extra forints to experience a cafe with delicious desert options. That was the best chocolate moose I ever had.

The nightlife culture is very lively here, people always hang out around the Ferris wheel. The city is constantly busy and there are always people out walking around or enjoying late night ice cream. There seems to be a gelotto shop on every corner. Tomorrow we go to Slovakia to visit Volkswagen. I'm excited to see how globalization is displayed across different countries.

-Christina Smith

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