Monday, June 30, 2014

Long day of traveling

Kenzi here for our long trip back home! Our last night in Prague seemed to fly by with our group dinner and trying to spend our last few Czech Crowns. 3am came way too fast for us to board the bus. Petr was nice enough to meet early in the morning to guide us from the bus to the airport to make sure we got to the correct place. Prague’s airport was much different than any I have ever seen. It was definitely on a smaller scale and it just had one big area to wait and check in. We arrived plenty early and many of us were ready to hop on the plane when it was finally ready for us. Besides Grant experiencing a fellow passenger passing out and having some sort of medical problem, the first flight seemed to go rather quickly and getting through customs at the Amsterdam airport went smoothly when we landed. Finally, it was time for our nine hour flight back to the United States. I think most of us were dreading that one and it wasn't nearly as exciting as it was on the way to Europe! Delta provided us with many snacks and movies to keep us occupied throughout our bumpy ride. Due to some weather conflicts the pilot seemed to have some trouble finding smooth air and we got to experience quite a bit of turbulence towards the last couple hours of the flight. When we landed half of the plane passengers were cheering, so I think there was some nervous souls during that ride! We finally arrived in Minneapolis around one o’clock, somewhat caught up on sleep we’ve been lacking. The airport security allowed us to cut in front of everybody since we were in a big group. This situation caused quite a bit of anger from some people in line but we tried our best to go with the flow to what we were told to do.
Although this trip was an absolutely amazing experience, it was quite the relief when we landed in Kansas City. Many of us seemed to be ready to sleep in our own beds and see our friends and family at home. I really can’t believe it’s already over! The group has started talking about having a reunion when we get back to Maryville. This just shows how much fun we truly had together and that studying abroad is a great way to bond with new people and students with similar interests as you!

Taking off!

3am loading luggage

Prague airport

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