Monday, June 16, 2014

Day two

Hi! This is Abby blogging for day two! Good news to begin my blog - I AM REUNITED WITH MY SUITCASE! Reunited and it feelssss soooo gooooddddd!

Anyway, today was a very relaxed tour day. We did a lot of walking, bus taking, and train riding to different sights. Our guide Szilvia took us to three main places: Heroe's Square, Ferfi Noi, and Memento Park. 

Our first stop at Heroe's Square is a very popular sight in Budapest. At the square, there are multiple statues of some of Budapest's greatest and most influential leaders. Some facts are…

-When the monument was originally constructed, Hungary was part of the Austro-Hungarian Empire and thus the last five spaces for statues on the left of the colonnade were reserved for members of the ruling Habsburg dynasty. The Habsburg emperors were replaced with Hungarian freedom fighters when the monument was rebuilt after World War II.
-In 1989 a crowd of 250,000 gathered at the square for the reburial of Imre Nagy, former Prime Minister of Hungary, who was executed in 1958.
Some pictures from this stop…

Our next stop was Ferfi Noi which is a city bath (AKA a pool). Ferfi Noi was beautiful! Ferfi Noi seemed to be filled with a lot of different personal health things. Such as a whirlpool, normal pool, massages, and fish pedicures that you can get inside. 
Some pictures from this stop…

Our last big stop was Memento Park. Memento Park was what I thought out to be a statue graveyard. The statues that are there represent Budapest's Communist history - as a lot of the statues are Communist leaders. There was a statue there that represented "Stalin's Boots". The park was a ways out of town so we had to take an underground train and also a bus. 

Some pictures from this stop…

In between these stops, we also had some free time for lunch. A lot of us went to different cafe's in the area and dined outside. Probably one of my favorite parts about here - the food and cute cafe's outside! We also went inside of a HUGE marketplace. It was bustling with people purchasing knick-knacks, meats, and fruits. 

Successful day two of the trip!

Team Wanderlust

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