Saturday, June 28, 2014

Day 13


Shelby coming at you with today's activities. WE HAD A FREE DAY! Our business visits are all finished, so today we had a day to ourselves. We haven't been able to sleep in that much, so today was refreshing to catch up on some sleep. Around eleven, we took to the streets! I remembered that I had brought a sharpie on this trip, so a few of us decided to make our mark on the John Lennon Wall. Below is a picture of me! I wrote my name and one of my favorite song lyrics by Kenny Chesney: "Never wanted nothing more." And it's true, I don't need anything more but this beautiful city!

After writing on the wall, we had a nice lunch near the Charles Bridge. We were all craving some spaghetti and the cafe had a great dish! Next, we browsed the shops on the bridge. A few of them were very pricy, so we just looked. After that, me and Abby went paddle boating! Although it was tiring at times, it was worth it. The views were spectacular and the weather could not have been more perfect. The water was a little crowded and we actually got honked at twice! It was a great little ride and very reasonably priced! Here is a picture of Abby on the boat.

We were pretty tired after the ride, so we sat at a nearby cafe along the river. The view was like a postcard. Even as you are looking at it, you think "is this real?". It is the most amazing city that I have ever been to and it will carry some of the most amazing memories.

Tomorrow we will meet up with our guide, Petr. We are going to visit the famous Prague Castle. We have heard so many amazing things about it such as the Gothic Church and many other buildings inside. It should be an amazing final day. I am so sad to leave but am so thankful to have had this opportunity. These two short weeks flew by and I am so happy I got to experience this. After all, not many people can say the same. I hope to come back someday and visit other fantastic European countries. This was only the beginning to my book of travels!

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